What Makes Our Gelato?

No, we don’t mean the machines, the process, or even the technique. We want to tell you about the passion that goes into every batch of gelato we make, and how it truly is artisan produced. An artisan is a skilled worker who produces a product in a unique manner … Read More

Gianduia – Learn More

A rich and sensual combination of hazelnut and chocolate. There’s more to gianduia than you think. There is so much to say about gianduia, even though the idea is simple. When you think of Italy, what do you think about? Perhaps the rich history stretching from the Roman Empire and … Read More

Hazelnut – Learn More

Gentle, consistent and suave. This gelato uses the perfect hazelnut to make gelato with. Sourced from Piemonte, in North West Italy, these hazelnuts are grown in the ideal climate for a gentle taste. It’s easy for this nut to get too strong, and too bitter. But the 100% pure paste … Read More

Pistachio – Learn More

Unique, Fragrant and Bespoke. Antonio’s favourite. Don’t like Pistachio you say? Well you will after trying our bespoke pistachio gelato. There is just something truly special about this flavour, and we’re going to share that special something with you. Pistachio is very much a love/hate flavour, where people either run … Read More

Milk Chocolate – Learn More

Does what it says on the tin. Only there’s no tin in our milk chocolate gelato. There is one word that sums up all chocolate. Whether it is a hot chocolate, a chocolate cake, or even a plain milk chocolate bar. And this includes milk chocolate gelato too. That one … Read More

Coffee – Learn More

Rich smooth and soothing. Simply piquant. Everyone loves coffee. It really is as simple as that. All across the world, from The Americas through Europe, and from Africa to Asia. There is not a single place on Earth that coffee has not touched, and Gelato Village is no different. Casual … Read More

Stracciatella – Learn More

Stracciatella is one of the most popular types of gelato in Italy. It has been well loved since its invention in 1962 because of its unique combination of taste and texture.   What is stracciatella? The word stracciatella means ‘torn apart’ in Italian. In Italian cuisine, stracciatella was originally a … Read More