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Gentle, consistent and suave.

This gelato uses the perfect hazelnut to make gelato with. Sourced from

Piemonte, in North West Italy, these hazelnuts are grown in the ideal climate for

a gentle taste. It’s easy for this nut to get too strong, and too bitter. But the 100%

pure paste produced from this slowly ground nut has a subtle taste that

complements gelato better than any other. It is this nut that is considered the

best for baking cakes, pastries, and most importantly, gelato.

Due to the differences in climate, many other areas produce a nut that is far too

strong for anybody with a sweet tooth. This can result in an overbearing taste of

hazelnut. Our aim was to produce a hazelnut gelato that would be gentle,

consistent, and aromatic. Thanks to Antonio, this has been made possible.

There’s enough hazelnut to get that perfect flavour; consistent enough through

every bite, but not strong enough to take the indulgence away.

This particular hazelnut has been granted a ‘Protected Designation of Origin’

status by the EU due to its unique flavour. One thing worth noting, is that is has a

very slight hint of chocolate in both the scent, and flavour. This is because of how

closely hazelnut and chocolate are to the palate. As much as you may think you

can taste a touch of chocolate, there’s nothing but hazelnut goodness in this