What is gelato?

Gelato is a traditional Italian dessert that uses more milk and less cream than ice cream.  It is freshly made on-site, using a traditional churning method known as ‘Mantecazione’.  Our gelato uses less sugar than ice-cream and it contains no:

  • added flavourings
  • colouring’s
  • additives
  • emulsifiers
  • preservatives

In short, it’s a natural product, which is part of the reason why it tastes so amazingly good!


How do you separate ingredients?

Our ingredients are all classified according to the EU standardised Allergen list.  This means we take care to separate all the following allergens:

  • cereals containing gluten
  • eggs
  • peanuts
  • soya
  • milk
  • nuts
  • lupin
  • sesame seeds
  • sulphur

We also separate alcohol in a similar manner.  Our production process is designed to ensure that there is no cross contamination between these products.


Does gelato contain egg?

As a rule of thumb, no.  We have a small selection of egg based gelatos, but these are clearly labelled.


Does gelato contain gelatine?

Do vegetables contain tables?  Of course not! Gelato is an Italian word that happens to share the first five letters as Gelatine. Our gelato is suitable for vegetarians and as such, does not contain any gelatin / gelatine whatsoever.


Help! I’m a Vegan:

Fear not!  Our sorbettos are suitable for vegans and are made of fruit, water and sugar.  We always take care to never cross contaminate our ingredients even in the way we display our gelatos in the display cabinet.


Help! I have a nut allergy:

Fear not!  Our nut products are all clearly labelled, and we take care not to cross contaminate.


Help! I’m a vegetarian:

Once again, Fear Not!  All of our gelato, alongside the majority of our products (barring some of the pastries) are suitable for vegetarians.


Help! In General:

Fear not!  Please ask a member of staff in-store or email us for any queries you may have – We will be more than pleased to help and guide you.


Help! I follow a Kosher/Halal diet:

Fear Not!  Our gelato is suitable for vegetarians and hence suitable for a Kosher / Halal diet.
Obviously our alcohol based gelatos are not suitable, but we take every care to both label products and ensure there is no cross contamination during production.