Gelato Village is a proud part of both the local and international community.  We are dedicated to continuing development of our skills and improvement of our gelato making.
So far our journey has helped us to meet lots of interesting people and to build some fantastic relationships with suppliers, community partners and the international community of gelatieri.

In 20 years of importing wine from Italy, we have not yet come across finer gelato – and we have enjoyed many, many gelati.  Gelato Village is a ‘must visit’ on top things to do in Leicester.

Daniele and Antonio have an innovative approach; they don’t just want people to enjoy fantastic gelato, they are keen to educate and share their passion with consumers who are interested in learning a little more.  Who else has offered an evening pairing Italian dessert wines with gelato? …and it was quite brilliant!

Emma Robson – Bat and Bottle - Oakham

La prima volta che ho assaggiato il gelato della gelateria Gelato Village è stato nel giugno 2016 al concorso del Gelato Artigianale Festival di Agugliano dove ero in giuria.

Presentarono mango lassi classificandosi al terzo posto, confermatisi anche quest’anno col gusto  “Bee happy”.

I loro gusti di gelato sono elaborati con selezionatissime materie prime, combinate con estro e creatività opportunamente bilanciate.

Rientrano a pieno titolo nella gelateria contemporanea italiana fiera delle sue tradizioni portando all’estero il gelato buono, pulito e giusto fedele alle regole non scritte della gelateria italiana.

The first time I tasted the gelato of Gelato Village was in June 2016 at the competition of the Gelato Artigianale Festival in Agugliano where I was in the jury.  They presented Mango Lassi, ranking third, and confirmed this place again this year (2017) with the “Bee Happy” flavour.  Their flavours of gelato are made with prime raw materials, balanced with skill and creativity.

They have are in full swing amongst the contemporary Italian gelateria, taking traditional gelato that is good, clean and fair (the Slow Food principles) overseas according to the unspoken rules of Italian gelato making.

Renato Romano – ‘Jo Pistacchio’, Italian Food Journalist - Italy

Gelato Village and Antonelli both share an Italian heritage and have been working together to provide products to the artisan gelato market for over 3 years. We share a mutual respect of quality valuing locally made artisan products.

Gelato Village is one of our valued and loyal customers, who are always a pleasure to deal with.  They are supportive of the Antonelli brand, often recommending our UK made cones to new start ups who visit their gelateria.  Gelato Village is not just a self made gelateria, they use authentic ingredients and are well respected in the industry, supporting training from the machinery suppliers and are patrons of charitable events.

Gelato Village and Antonelli have a good working relationship and we were pleased to welcome them to visit to our bakery in Manchester in 2016.  The staff at Antonelli wish Gelato Village the best of success in the awards process.

Gelato Village is the epitome of Italian gelato making, not only passionate about quality but beyond business bringing food appreciation to their customers and the local community.

Mark Antonelli - Manchester

Danielle & Antornio’s zeal for using the freshest and locally sourced products is inspirational.

Gelato Village uses my honey in a number of their recipes. Their enthusiasm for my product encourages me to attain their standards and expand their values into my business.


David McDowell – The Bee Farmer - Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire