What is a bicerin?

A bicerin is a shot of espresso, thick hot chocolate and milk foam layered in a glass.This is made according to the traditional recipe from Turin. We are proud to serve the only authentic Piemontese bicerin in Leicester.


The most famous place to serve the bicerin is Al Bicerin, in Turin’s Piazza della Consolata. This coffee house dates back to 1763 and now serves over 300 cups per day. It is thought that the bicerin is the evolution of an even older coffee drink called the Bavareisa. This was composed of espresso, milk, chocolate and syrup. At first, the ingredients for this drink were served separately, but in the early 19th century the convention of serving them layered in a glass took over. This historic cafe is close to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, the home of the Turin Shroud.

This drink is carefully constructed so that is is served with all of the layers still visibly separate. It is always served in a glass to show off the layers. You should never stir it! As you sip, the coffee flavour filters through the drinking chocolate and milk, creating a rich smooth drinking experience. We hope you enjoy a little taste of our traditional Piemontese cuisine!


As with everything at Gelato Village, we use the very best ingredients to make sure that you get the best flavour. Find out more about Caffe Vergnano, our coffee supplier, by clicking here.