• Fior di Latte
    The best of Vine Farm milk & cream, Leicestershire
  • Stracciatella
    Vine Farm milk & cream, 'Sur del Lago' chocolate, Venezuela
  • Milk Chocolate
    'Morogoro', Tanzania
  • Ricotta and Fig
    Organic sheep ricotta, Sussex - Honey, Leicestershire - Figs, Italy
    Contains honey from The Bee Farmer
  • Liquorice
    'Rossano', Calabria, Italy
  • Crema & Amarena
    Crème pâtissière & Black cherries
    Contains egg
  • Gianduia
    Chocolate, hazelnut - Piedmont, Italy
    Contains nut
  • Pistacchio ‘San Biagio’
    Sicily, Italy
    Contains nut
  • Dark Chocolate
    'Sur del Lago', Venezuela
    Vegan suitable
  • Peach
    Vegan suitable
  • Golden Milk
    Almond, turmeric, cinnamon
    Contains nutVegan suitable
This is a guide to which gelati are at the gelateria and not a guarantee of availability which is subject to change.

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