With our Italian heritage, making the perfect espresso is extremely important to us here at Gelato Village. That is why we are proud to be the only stockist of the world-class Caffe Vergnano Italian coffee in the Midlands.


What makes Caffe Vergnano’s Italian coffee special?


Caffe Vergnano is a family run coffee supplier who are dedicated to sourcing the best quality coffee. Launching originally as a small coffee shop in Turin (our hometown) in 1882, they have since grown into one of the world’s most respected coffee brands. They developed their first roasting company in 1930 and have become an industry leader, supplying coffee around the world.

Caffe Vergnano believe in providing the very best coffee, but whilst sustaining ethical and environmentally conscious business practices. These are values that are shared by Gelato Village. So you can enjoy an authentic espresso, knowing that the beans have been carefully sourced.

We now offer cold brew coffee, steeped gently for over 20 hours for a smooth taste. Find out more here.


How do you like your coffee?


We offer a full range of coffee styles. Whether it’s your morning espresso or afternoon cappuccino our staff are trained to serve your coffee at the right temperature, in the authentic style for the best flavour. Did you know many coffee shops overheat their milk? Heating milk leads to the whey proteins denaturing, capturing the air and creating foam. Adding too much heat scorches the milk and causes the proteins to react with the fat. This leads to undesirable flavours and a brown tinge. It also overpowers the subtle flavour nuances in your coffee, and can make your drink less easy to digest! So if our milky coffees seem a little cooler than you have experienced before, now you know why!

Actually most Italians drink straight espresso. Most milk-based coffee drinks were popularised in America, although invented in Italy. Italians rarely (if ever) drink cappuccinos in the afternoon, as they feel the dairy upsets digestion.

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