What is an affogato?

The Italian word affogato means ‘drowned’. In this classic Italian dessert, gelato is drowned by a shot of fresh, hot espresso coffee. While gelato has a long and venerable history, the humble affogato only made its way into the English dictionary in 1992! The Italian origins of the dessert are unclear.

Traditionally the affogato is served with Fior di Latte gelato. Some people say that the traditional serve is with vanilla ice cream, but this is technically incorrect from the Italian perspective. The hot bitterness of the coffee contrasts beautifully with the cold creaminess of the Flower of the Milk. Our Fior di Latte is particularly special as it is made with local milk from the happy cows at Vine Farm Dairy, Great Dalby.

We like to serve classic Italian dishes to our Leicester friends!


How do I eat an affogato?

With the variety of temperatures and tastes, your first run at this dessert may be a little over-facing. Hold your nerve. There is no need to panic. Grab your spoon and dig in! If you prefer, sip it straight from the bowl. The sweetness of the gelato tempers the bitterness of the coffee, while the contrasting temperatures eventually balance each other out. Don’t leave it too long, or you will find that you have with coffee-gelato soup!


what is an affogato?

What is special about a Gelato Village affogato?

We are proud to know we were the first venue in Leicester to serve an authentic affogato. Our take on the classic consists of two scoops of gelato or sorbetto of your choice from the cabinet. This means that vegan guests can enjoy a vegan-friendly dessert by choosing from the day’s sorbetti. Mix and match your gelato however you like, or choose two scoops of Fior di Latte for the authentic experience.

With your gelato, you can choose to have a freshly brewed shot of Caffe Vergnano espresso poured over the top. If you want a caffeine free alternative, then ask for pure melted chocolate straight from our on-counter chocolate tap! It’s like Willy Wonka, but better!


Served in a pretty glass dish, the affogato makes a great after dinner treat. It is also beautifully refreshing at any time on a hot summer’s day. In fact, we can pretty much eat it at any time. A Gelato Village team favourite.