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Rich smooth and soothing. Simply piquant.

Everyone loves coffee. It really is as simple as that. All across the world, from The

Americas through Europe, and from Africa to Asia. There is not a single place on

Earth that coffee has not touched, and Gelato Village is no different. Casual

drinkers and connoisseurs alike have enjoyed coffee for centuries. From the 15th

Century when the first coffee shop was opened, coffee spread from Ethiopia to

the entire world. With such a rich history, wide cultivation, coffee plays a huge

part of our culture today. Naturally, it is only fitting that we not only hand make

coffee gelato, but that we perfect how we do it too.

Antonio (Our resident expert on all things gelato, and graduate of the University

of Gelato) uses freshly ground Italian coffee beans. The grain is carefully selected

to balance the natural acidity of coffee, with the inherent sweetness of gelato.

Many coffee flavoured ‘ice creams’ and even gelatos may utilise powdered or

instant forms of coffee. Some may even opt to use what is known as an

‘Americano’ as the base. However at Gelato Village, we feel strongly about using

Espresso Coffee in our gelato.

There are many benefits to why we use an espresso base to build our gelato.

Espressos by their very definition are stronger and less concentrated. They also

contain a high level of acidity, which offsets the alkaline nature of gelato. This

allows Antonio to create a coffee gelato that is strong in flavour, but not at all

bitter. The lack or artificial or ‘processed’ coffee bases ensure a smooth and

piquant flavour that does not suffer from the watery nature of Americano’s, or

the unnatural taste of using instant or artificial flavourings.

The result is simply divine. It is something at Gelato Village that we are all proud

of. We mean when we say our coffee gelato is rich, smooth and soothing. It is this

contrasting combination of sensations that make our coffee gelato truly unique

and piquant. Try it, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.