Milk Chocolate – Learn More

Does what it says on the tin. Only there’s no tin in our milk chocolate gelato.

There is one word that sums up all chocolate. Whether it is a hot chocolate, a

chocolate cake, or even a plain milk chocolate bar. And this includes milk

chocolate gelato too. That one word is balance.

Balance is everything to all things chocolate. Too much chocolate, and you feel

sick after a few bites. Not enough? Then there’s really no point to the chocolate!

But it really isn’t as simple as ‘how much’ chocolate you use rather; it’s about the

type of chocolate too.

Many chocolatiers have stated that the beauty in chocolate is in its art, not

science. That’s why artisan chocolate is so unique. And it’s the same with gelato.

If the chocolate is too dark, you can’t just use less to provide the necessary

balance. The balance involves not only the amount of chocolate, but the how, the

when, and the why.

And that ‘why’ is key to our milk chocolate gelato. We choose a very specific

grade of chocolate that is milky in nature, but with a slight touch of darkness. Try

and think somewhere between Swiss (milk) chocolate, and Belgian (dark)

chocolate. The genius behind this balance is Antonio. Responsible for all our

recipes, he is meticulous with each and every ingredient used.

Gelato, by its very definition, naturally contains milk. Remember when we spoke

of balance earlier? Well it’s necessary to bare in mind that there is milk in the

chocolate, and milk in the gelato. I’m fairly confident you know precisely where

we’re going with this! Now the next thing you may be thinking is, why not use

dark chocolate?

And the answer is because this isn’t a dark chocolate gelato! It’s a milk chocolate

gelato, and our focus is ensuring that the inherent chocolaty goodness comes

through in the flavour, in a manner that pay careful homage to the fine balancing

act that goes into all artisan produced chocolate products.

Through painstaking thought, Antonio discovered not only the perfect grade of

chocolate to use, but how much of it to use as well to ensure the perfect milk

chocolate flavoured gelato. You can always taste both the milk and the chocolate

in this gelato working in perfect balance and harmony. It’s just something that

we know your children would love too!