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Unique, Fragrant and Bespoke. Antonio’s favourite.

Don’t like Pistachio you say? Well you will after trying our bespoke pistachio

gelato. There is just something truly special about this flavour, and we’re going to

share that special something with you.

Pistachio is very much a love/hate flavour, where people either run towards it,

or as far away from it as possible. But barring any nut allergies, we know for

certain that once you try ours, you’ll always be coming back for more!

Half a million years ago, Mount Etna first erupted. The largest active volcano in

Italy, Mount Etna is also responsible for the arguably the best pistachios on the

planet. The effect of millennia worth of lava overflowing has led to the soil in

Bronte, Sicily being perfect for pistachios. On the footsteps of Mount Etna, the

produce from this region are known as ‘The Green Gold’. Ever notice how

pistachios are always green in pictures, but in real life they’re actually more of a

brownish off-colour? Well these particular pistachios are actually green, and

have both a unique flavour and fragrance that is not like any other pistachio out


This is the pistachio Antonio has hand selected for our gelato. A pistachio so

unique, that the European Union went as far as granting this pistachio a

‘Protected Designation of Origin’ status. A pistachio so green, that the colour

shines through our gelato. It needs no artificial colouring to give it that perfect

dull green pistachio tone.

The pistachio is harvested only once every two years, and even has a festival

dedicated to it in Sicily. And when there’s a yearly festival towards a nut? That’s

when you can begin to comprehend the passion exuded in this gelato. The

pistachio is slowly ground using a pestle and mortar. Slow, being the key word.

This is to ensure that during the crushing of the nut, the pistachio isn’t heated

too much. The risk here is that the pistachio will begin to burn, which will change

the flavour. By ever so slowly grinding the pistachio down, you end up with a

100% pure and unadulterated pistachio paste, which keeps 100% of the natural

pistachio flavour… Minus the shells of course!