What Makes Our Gelato?

No, we don’t mean the machines, the process, or even the technique. We want to

tell you about the passion that goes into every batch of gelato we make, and how

it truly is artisan produced.

An artisan is a skilled worker who produces a product in a unique manner by

hand. This can cover a range of products from chocolate to furniture, and from

bread, to gelato.

Gelato Village is a culmination of a twenty year partnership between Daniele and

Antonio. They both hail from Torino, and have always had a colossal passion for

gelato. Both Daniele and Antonio left their jobs to pursue this passion of theirs,

and share it with all of us. Tireless effort, education and a thirst for all things

gelato has led them down the path to where they are today.

For Antonio, gelato is just like food to him. More nutritious than ice cream, he

often used it as a meal replacement in Italy:

“For me, it is a part of my culture. During my lunch break we would all go to have

gelato to fill ourselves up. If gelato is done correctly, it can provide you with energy

and an opportunity to socialize. I wanted to bring this part of my culture to


And that is precisely what Daniele and Antonio have done. But to get to where

they are now, took painstaking time and effort. We are all familiar with Italian

restaurants and in particular, pizza. We chase that ‘authentic’ Italian dining

experience, seeking out traditional restaurants. But what about Italian desserts?

Gelatarias are found nationwide in Italy, and independent gelatarias are more

popular than mass produced products. It was this authentic experience that

Antonio and Daniele wanted to bring to Leicester, a city where they both settled

many years ago.

The traditional aspect lies in the churning process known as ‘Mantecazione’. As

Antonio would put it:

“Artisan, by its very definition is slow. It’s not about how much you can produce,

with as little effort and time as possible. That is the focus of industry, to produce as

much as possible through continuous production. Ours is a different approach. It is

about perfecting each batch.”

It is this artisan approach that embodies Gelato Village’s approach. This

traditional slow-churning process of Mantecazione is what gives the gelato its

soft and creamy texture.

Gelato Village is meticulous in its ingredients. The flavours are always seasonal,

and being located less than 500 yards away from a fresh fruit market, they are

often in position to offer a variety of flavours – All fresh, and accustomed to local


“Nobody is going to tell me what I put into my gelato. I decide.”

Daniele and Antonio both believe that the best gelato requires the best

ingredients. That is how you build upon the foundations of anything. The better

it begins, then the better the final product can be. If you’re making pistachio

gelato, then use the best pistachios. If it’s even something as simple as vanilla,

then use the best vanilla pods. This ‘no compromising’ attitude is what defines

Gelato Village in it’s quest to bring forth the best artisan produced gelato, and

best possible social experience to Leicester. The flavours are always region and

season specific. If it’s strawberry picking season in Leicestershire, than lets make

the best possible strawberry gelato by picking the all the best strawberries first.

If mango is a cultural staple for many of our customers? Then we better learn

which mangoes are the best, where we can get them from, and how we propose

to use them to make the best possible mango sorbet. Make no mistake, this is no

ordinary gelataria, and to call it just a dessert parlour is no less than an insult.

Starting from the beginning, Antonio enrolled at the Carpigiani University of


“I took this course, and I learnt what to buy, how to make the best flavours, and

most importantly, how to put it all together. I learnt from the best – People who

have been making gelato for generations. I have learnt so much from them, and I

am still learning. It is something that will never stop.”

The passion and commitment here is clear to see. For Gelato Village, the pleasure

is in the reaction of us. We who try the gelato. That is the ultimate aim. It’s not

enough to just convey the message by words, or even pictures. But in that

moment where patrons actually try the gelato – They then know the gelato. It

transcends words, and all other forms of communication. And that is the

reaction that Daniele, Antonio and the team at Gelato Village want to evoke. Go

ahead, try something different, and be prepared to be amazed.