mango lassi gelato only at Gelato Village

One of our most popular recipes, mango lassi gelato is a firm local favourite. Developed thanks to the inspiration from our customers and the wonderful diversity of Leicester, this gelato won third place at the Gelato Artigianale Festival in Agugliano, Italy in 2016. The recipe contains fresh mango. We usually use Indian Kesar mango or Pakistani Honey mango. It depends on what quality fruit we can lay our hands on during the season. There is no honey in the recipe – the Honey Mango is so named as it is a little naturally sweeter than other varieties. The mango is combined with delicious cardamom and yoghurt to give that authentic lassi flavour.


Remember, this is a seasonal special. If the mango is not at its best, we don’t make this gelato. Keep your eye on our social media in the summer. We regularly post pictures of the gelato board for the day, see if mango lassi gelato has made an appearance on the menu.