How to order gelato at Gelato Village

It's pretty easy, but our gelato and sorbetto isn't served by 'the scoop', but by weight. Have a look at the different recipe gelati and sorbetti we have on offer by reading the menu board by the counter.  Information about allergens is clearly marked on all of the labels and the keys. If you're not sure what a flavour is, or what it tastes like, ask your conista for a free taste - they'll be more than happy to oblige. When you're ready it's as easy as one, two, three to order.

Step 1: Select how you will hold it -

  • Cup
  • Cone

Step 2: Select what size you would like -

  • Mini
  • Regular
  • Large

Step 3: Choose up to three gelati or sorbetti. Unlike other venues, you can have up to three gelati or sorbetti depending on the size of the cup or cone you order.

Now you've been served, pay at the till with your cup or cone - don't forget to pick up a cold drink from the fridge or order a Caffe Vergnano coffee to go with it.