Watch swarm of hundreds of bees!

Bees turned us into an Enviro crime scene this week! The insects decided to swarm on the tree outside Gelato Village. They must have heard how good our award winning Bee Happy gelato is. The swarm was quickly and kindly relocated by the Council, but it still made the paper in the interim! It did give us a chance to experiment with a new seating arrangement by the side door though.

They were in more danger located in the city centre. We’re glad it was resolved quickly. It’s good that we have more bees around. But not out the front of the shop! All of nature’s friends are friends of ours. This was a little too close for comfort however. Whatever will happen next. There is definitely never a dull moment here at Gelato Village.

“A swarm of bees caused a bit of a buzz in Leicester’s St Martin’s Square this afternoon.

Hundreds of the insects emerged from a nest in a tree alongside the centre’s entrance at the junction of Cank Street and Hotel Street.”



Have you ever had a close encounter with bees? What is the strangest place you have seen a swarm? It is definitely not something we’ve ever heard of here in the city centre. Perhaps they were lured in by the beautiful planting at nearby Cathedral Gardens?